LENS Professional System $11,145

Included in a full new LENS System purchase:
Free Tech-support: 90 days
LENS Discussion Group admission
Listing as LENS Clinical Provider
Free Weekly Wednesday Webinar Attendance (1 Hour)

(Training not included, sale price is only for current LENS Providers.)

New Laptop Computer, solid state drive, 8GB, preloaded with LENS software, 1 yr. warranty
LENSware3 Professional Software
Includes 2 channel software
Report Generator Software

Sherpani bag for LENSware3 system and kit

Southeast Signal EEG A200 amplifier, 36 Month Warranty EEG unit (SES)
DIN EEG Jumper Cable

USB Cable EEG to computer
4oz 10/20 Paste
4oz NuPrep Gel
2 Channel set of 4 Sensors:
   1-Green ear-clip
   1-Black ear-clip
   1-White sensor
   1-Red sensor
1 additional flat sensor (back-up)
5 BodyLENS sensors
1 bag body sensor snaps (50)


Purchase will require proper paperwork, and agreements to be completed prior to shipping.

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$85.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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