2-Channel Software for LENSware3™

What is it?

It is a software upgrade that allows you to use two active sensors simultaneously on the head rather than a single active sensor as with 1-Channel LENS.  This software upgrade includes a flat active sensor.

Why use 2-Channel LENS?

It has been our experience that two active sensors placed on homologous 10/20 sites, running simultaneously, provide feedback that is smoother for the client to integrate.  For example, it seems to be especially helpful with our reactive clients.

How do I use it?

Upon purchase, we will email instructions!

Please note: You must currently have LENSware3™ to use this software. Before purchasing, you will be asked to enter your A200 EEG Serial Number. 

Qualified serial numbers are on the bottom of your EEG amplifier and begin with 2LXXXXXX, 4LXXXXXX or $$XXXXXXXXXXX



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