Suppression Maps for LENSware3™

What is it?

Suppression Maps is a LENSware3 software upgrade which provides an alternative site-sort sequence that specifically focuses on the level of suppression in the EEG. It is an alternative site-sort sequence to that provided by the Standard Map. 

Why use Suppression Maps?

For some clients, specifically targeting suppression via the Suppression Map site-sort moves he or she through the course of LENS more efficaciously.

How do I get my Suppression Map software?

Within three business days of your purchase, the Suppression Maps will automatically appear under the Reports tab the next time you launch your LENSware3.  Please note, you will need to be connected to the internet for the download self-install.  Once the install has occurred, you will no longer need to be connected to the internet to access the Suppression Maps.

Please note: You must currently have LENSware3™ to use this software. Before purchasing, you will be asked to enter your A200 EEG Serial Number. 

Qualified serial numbers are on the bottom of your EEG amplifier and begin with 2LXXXXXX, 4LXXXXXX or $$XXXXXXXXXXX


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