What We Can Learn from the Morphology of Brainwaves

Dr. Penny Montgomery Ph.D., BCIA Senior Fellow

Brainwave Morphology

Did you know that Dr. Margaret Ayers and Dr. Penny Montgomery devoted much of their academic and research careers studying and deciphering how physiology is reflected in the brainwaves, also known as brainwave morphology?

In this presentation, you will be introduced to their fascinating work and discoveries! Dr. Montgomery will share with you how familiarity with the shape of actual raw brainwaves (the morphology) reveals rich information about the brain and physiology. The field of Neurofeedback is based upon the neurology of brainwaves obtained during their recording at the scalp. While EEG background activity varies from person to person, patterns found in specific clinical conditions are the same across all recordings. This consistency lends itself to understanding how the morphology reveals events in the history of the brain that are important in understanding the context of the client's current condition. This presentation is designed to demonstrate how actual raw brainwaves may be read, and the importance of the information they contain.

Book: Whispers From The Brain: An Illustrated Guide to the Morphology of Brainwaves (2007 First Edition, 2019 Second Edition)

Margaret Ayers, Ph.D. and Penny Montgomery, Ph.D., with Glenda Lippmann, Ph.D., Co-Author, Second Edition

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