Regenesis3 Photonic Stimulator

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Featuring a 810NM wavelength, 4.5 watts and 60 LEDs, the Regenesis3 Photonic Stimulator is one of the most powerful in its class!

Research over the past 60 years has demonstrated that photobiomodulation, also known as light therapy (both infrared and laser), has been used successfully to address many issues including but not limited to the following:

- Pain
- TBI/concussive injuries
- Headaches/migraines
- Physical injury
- Burns (including 3rd degree)
- Nerve damage
- Neuropathy
- Blood flow issues
- Vascular damage
- Inflammation
- Arthritis
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Post-workout recovery time in athletes


1 year warranty and lifetime support or repair.


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