Getting the Most Out of Your 
Regenesis3 Photonic Stimulator
with Mike Beasley

2 hours in length

Regenesis3 Photonic Stimulator Topic Summary

The Regenesis3 photonic stimulator is a high-powered LED light therapy device. Based on 60 years of research in the field of photobiomodulation / LLLT, light therapy has high efficacy rates addressing many symptoms including but not limited to:
- Pain
- TBI/Concussive Injuries
- Headaches/Migraines
- Physical Injury
- Burns (including 3rd degree)
- Nerve Damage
- Neuropathy
- Blood Flow Issues
- Vascular Damage
- Inflammation
- Arthritis
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Post-workout Recovery Time in Athletes


Mike Beasley, MS, NCBTMB, LMT

Biographical Sketch

Mike began his career in semiconductor research with General Electric. Over 25 years he developed next generation tools, in-situ reactors and processes for companies worldwide.

In 2001, a stranger’s violent attack on his daughter refocused his efforts to research chronic pain, PTSD, CRPS/RSD and biofilms.

Since 2003 he has worked with non-drug, non-invasive modalities and designed protocols to help mitigate the negative symptoms associated to his daughter’s injuries, her 60+ surgeries, and those of his clients in Austin, Texas.

He has created protocols for the LENS, BodyLENS, NeuroField, Photon Stimulator, LASER, SCENAR and lectures and instructs internationally in the use of multi-modalities and for Ochs Labs (LENS, BodyLENS, Photonic Stimulation, and independently on the modalities of SCENAR/Cosmodic and Photobiomodulation).

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