BodyLENS™ Software

What is it?

BodyLENS™ software is a separate interface for application of the LENS technology to the body.


What does it do?

BodyLENS may help address symptoms of pain, discomfort, inflammation, range-of-motion, etc. 


How do I use it?

After purchase, we will email instructions! Since this is a separate version of LW3, a technical specialist will have to determine how to best install the plugin onto your device. 

You must have a current installation of LENSware3™ to use this software.

You will need the BodyLENS™ snap leads to use with your A200 EEG amplifier and a bag of disposable sensor snaps. Please see items in the webstore to purchase these. 


Please note: You must currently own LENSware3™ to use this software. Before purchasing, you will be asked to enter your A200 EEG Serial number. 


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